My heartfelt thanks to the generous and talented photographers who have allowed me to reference their amazing photos for my art.  So much training, time and talent goes into the creation of each of these photos and I am deeply grateful.
Nicole Meiner
Shawn Taylor
Bruce Browning
Ashley Mueller
Mary Cage
Sharon Dominey
Heather Moreton
Scarlett Oldham Richardson
Toni Ard
Jay Moran
Eric Kalet
Zoe Metz
Ainslee Gilles Patel
Cheryl Schneider
Samantha Dawn
Brad Phillips
Louise Ferro Martin
Robert Aaron
Styles Bridges III
Gary Tasich
Holley Underhill
Daniela Snyder
Gemini Stedl
Donna Dean
Tamara Bowman
Heidi Osgood Metcalf
Bethany Unwin
Magda Biskupska

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