Commission a portrait and turn a treasured photo into a lasting keepsake.
I specialize in pastel portraits that capture the unique personality of your horse  and will last for generations.

If you would be interested in having a portrait done, email me a photo (or photos) to get started. Once I get your email I'll let you know when I will be able to start on your portrait and when I would expect to be finished. A great portrait starts with a great photo.  Photos must be sharply focused, close-up, clear and well-lit. If you didn't take the photo yourself, I will need to obtain permission from the photographer for the right to draw it.   If your horse has raced I may be able to help you find photos taken professionally. 

25% deposit required to begin.

Reference photo guidelines:
1. Hi-resolution (usually at least 1MB in size)
2. Sharply focused (if you zoom in it shouldn't be blurry.)
3. Good lighting
4.  Detail is VERY important.  Individual hair growth (direction), expression, hair color, etc., make the drawing uniquely your horse.  (Click here for more info on taking photos: Taking PhotosFAQs

11x14:   $   820
12x18:   $1100
16x20:   $1440
18x24:   $1680
24x36:   $2500
Backgrounds and additional subjects may be extra.
All pastels are framed with spacers and ship in an airfloat box to protect your portrat during shipping.
(Reference photo by Bill Barone)

(Reference photo by Sharon Dominey)
Songbird (photo by Gary Tasich, used with permission)
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